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BOI Thailand Registration Services by BOI specialist Thai Lawyers

What is BOI Thailand? (Board of investment Thailand)

Thailand is a place rich with natural beauty that attracts many visitors from around the globe each year. With its lush green countryside, cool and transparent beaches, and exciting range of restaurants in the heart of one of the most crowded places in the world, it offers something for everyone. Whether a tourist was looking for harmony or a backpacker looking for adventure or a business professional looking to invest in a business endeavor: Thailand is bound to have something for everyone!

The Thailand board of investment, also known as the Thai BOI functions with the sole aim of attracting business and tourist activity in Thailand. It tries to attract business professionals in particular, by offering them incentives and propositions to suit the needs of each particular party. The BOI Thailand is recognized as the official body, which takes up requests from individuals or enterprises, wanting to establish setups in Thailand. It helps facilitate the process of registration, along with other required legal matters.

Board of investment in Thailand I BOI Thailand also has many subsidiary partnerships with legal firms, which have been given privileges to make the whole process of investing in Thailand, a favorable experience for foreigners. The BOI Thailand stresses that information be accurately provided to investors and a broad scope of info regarding cultural and business activities in Thailand be made available to foreigners who have any interest in investing in Thailand. A basic outlook of the law of the land is also a matter of emphasis, which the Thai BOI keenly pursues.

The board of investment in Thailand I BOI Thailand identifies areas of interest to investors and offers incentives of high value, such as land ownership, exemption from taxes, and exemption from the visa rules applicable to foreigners. The whole aim of doing this is to attract the investor to Thailand and promote a global business activity in the region. There are certain stigmas attached with Thailand, which hinder people from investing over there. The Thailand BOI also has it in its primary functions to give a fresh new perspective into what Thailand is all about and what a wonderful place it can be, for business and tourist activities.

BOI registration can either be conducted directly or through its recommended legal entities, which are listed on the relevant pages of the BOI Thailand. Registration is usually a simple and straightforward procedure, requiring some preliminary forms to be filled and legal documentations to be attached along with it. In an uncomplicated and straightforward case, the process of registration will usually take about a month to be negotiated; otherwise, it can be a little longer. Either the required forms for registration can be filled online or the paper version can be used, as best suited to one’s needs. Using the electronic version is faster, quicker, and highly recommended, and requires only the supporting documents to be sent by mail or scanned and emailed, so as to facilitate the whole process of registration to its completion.

Note: this is not official Thailand BOI website and you are not required to use our services. We provide services for Thailand BOI registration. The official Thailand BOI website can be found at

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